Sunday 1 June 2008

Element version

1) Replace standard On-Air indicator with Mic-Live graphic

2) Provide new On-Air indicator which can be controlled from PF using ON button channel number 32002, this is lit when the studio is live to air.

3) 30 sec after Element start send Channel On LWCP message for channel number 33000+last octet value of Element IP address. Pathfinder stacking events can then be triggered on Element Start up

4) When gain value for monitor speakers dim during preview is -30db, mute the monitor speaker completely during preview. To do – Add ‘mute’ option to interface.

5) Allow the TALK indicator to be controlled from PF using ON button channel number 32004, this allows PF to light this indicator when it is controlling inter studio intercom communications triggered from user panels.

6) Activate channel preview automatically if the channel is OFF, fader closed, and TalkBack button is pressed.

7) Prevent the PGM busses 1 -3 being deselected if the fader is open and channel is ON. The PGM busses can always be selected, regardless of fader or channel state, if show profile PGM lock settings allow.

8) Prevent activation of channel preview if fader is open and channel is ON, and channel preview mode is 2 (channel on turns preview off).

9) During normal operation the Monitor 1 knob now controls both the CR Mon and Preview output gain. When preview (internal or external) is active this knob only controls the Preview output gain. When previewing ends the CR Mon gain will be matched to the current preview gain. CR Mon and Preview outputs from the engine should be combined in a Vmix and the output of this should be used to drive the CR Mon Speakers.

10) When External Preview is active display the preview source text as ‘TALKBACK’ rather than ‘EXTERNAL’ .

11) Allow the External Preview GPI to be triggered over LWCP using ON button channel number 32003.

12) Now only send Channel ON_State LWCP message if fader is actually open/closed. This can be used to determine if the fader is being open / closed in non fader start mode, therefore its regardless of ON/OFF button state.

13) Send channel ON button GPOs if channel is type ‘LINE’ and the on button is pressed with the fader closed and channel in preview. If channel is fader start mode, and fader is down, don’t turn channel on when ON button is pressed. Used for remote control of CD players while previewing.

14) Send channel OFF button GPOs if channel is type ‘LINE’ and the on button is pressed with the channel in preview.

15) Prevent channel turn off if source name starts ‘PHONEBOX’ or ‘GENESYS’.

16) Prevent channel turn off if channel is in Fader Start mode and fader is up.

17) Prevent channel turn off when channel is not MIC type and fader is up.

18) Basic Interface over LWCP to Broadcast Bionics PhoneBOX system to allow Element keypad dialling, and hang up on single channel, and provide on screen indication of ringing inbound calls.