Wednesday 6 April 2011


FIX - Verify GPI answer and hangup on extensions

FIX - Conferences should not be able to be dragged to other devices

FIX - Automatic redirection of banned caller to VM doesnt work

FIX - SIP service settings showing inappropriately in web manager config screen

FIX - Answer next to specific device is wrong if using appended layout

FIX - Get copyright dates corrected on web manager and client

FIX - Client cannot send inbound call to VM, error generated

FIX - Ringing on device GPO activates when call is active

FIX - Prize Manager - if you use prize manager logged in as any other user (with rights) other than admin you are unable to view the prize winner details in prize fulfilment

FIX - Prize Manager: Create competition in prize manager should default the "Competition Owner" to be the current user

FIX - Prize manager: 'default' competition should not be deletable