Monday 16 May 2011


NEW - HTML dock added. Use settings screen to configure URL, address bar and auto-refresh.
NEW - Image dock added. Use settings screen to configure Image file path and display type.

NEW - Docking headers added for tabbed default view as per PB3

NEW - Add caller history lookup function and dialog screen. This shows the full history for current calling number (or name).

NEW - Call details dock updates:
o Add History button to the right
o Move Dial button to the right
o Move Add button to right
o Category, Gender and Age on left
o Move Alert down with rating
o Move Send prize info down below prize info box

NEW - allow prefix digit to be added for outgoing calls but excluded from log and display

FIX - real time updates from buddy <-> master were not happening on all fields on call history

FIX - allow lite customers to automatically download the latest version without going to download page

FIX - missing area codes added for New Zealand

FIX - prompts added to the update download scenarios at start up and from toolbar update icon