Thursday 12 May 2011


NEW - Add Lock All button

NEW - Add Drop All Button

NEW - Add ban caller button

NEW - Add ban last caller button

NEW - Add Forward All button

NEW - Prize winner name to be retrieved when editing competition entry

NEW - Add link between user/show/competition and competition & prize in web manager

NEW - Improve activation / deactivation of prize competition schedules in web manager

NEW - Add station to user and link station to competition and filter screens based on user/station accses

FIX - Scope of ban should be determined by "Default Person Alert Mode" setting under system configuration.

FIX - Additional logging to help diagnose unnecessary DB lookups of phone numbers when lines are busy

FIX - When a caller is banned globally, also update the show specific information for the current show. Otherwise, existing show specific information overrides the global setting, preventing the ban from being applied as expected.

FIX - Error occurring when nothing selected on Prize Edit form in client