Tuesday 23 August 2011


NEW - add German translations

NEW - audio routing and destination control first cut (pathfinder only)

NEW - running order enhancements and destination control

NEW - new extension field added to db and web manager, this will auto populate from extension cache where used (ipo only) and take a copy of the extension number field where still blank - this can be edited in web manager thereafter

FIX - from external interfaces, do not attempt to answer calls which are already actively being answered, or device already in use

FIX - Debounce prevention for all external interface changes (minimum time between switch changes set to 500ms)

FIX - add extra debugging and lock mechanisms to prevent lost calls

FIX - do not issue ringing tone stop/start commands unless appropriate (not IPO)

FIX - various other errors when using A/S with external interface and IPO PB3 server