Wednesday 10 August 2011


NEW - call log start time added to call details screen

NEW - unification of database / back-end

NEW - ms access database conversion utility built to migrate to 2.1.0.x

NEW - solo call recordings available in call log

NEW - outbound ringing tone added to solo

NEW - audio editor shortcut keys added

FIX - buddy change in admin menu changes the wrong ini file setting

FIX - solo master machine no longer shows who the product is licensed to in the title bar

FIX - solo buddy handset registration

FIX - after solo BYE requests sent on linksys handsets, residual RTP is being sent for a few ms after which cause certain providers to route the RTP incorrectly - fixed with a 100ms delay after BYE request is sent to the handset

FIX - active calls were populated on call details after a separate call had been selected

FIX - call details call-in-focus changes every minute

FIX - if master machine name is incorrect, there's no option to change it.

FIX - buddies beyond limit connect with momentary splash screen and no proper reporting of why

FIX - directory duplication alert

FIX - large directories take a very long time to load 2nd time around

FIX - alerts menu gives error message