Thursday 15 September 2011


NEW - Route-monitor-react changes added to running order processor agent and client forms, including capability to follow source from monitored router where different to activation router

NEW - Audio router changes to retrieve mapped sources or destinations between routers

NEW - Add dummy codec type which cannot dial but allows routing options

FIX - Call state not being set to answered on VX version

FIX - Line commands processing on same thread as binary client tcp server, excessive processing times causing tcp server hangup and client disconnects

FIX - Callback calls to auto-answering numbers are not having call state set to 'ready' after answering, they remain in state 'callback'

FIX - Audio destination to show source device and device to show destination name when routing exists.

FIX - Comment out code calling missing validator control

FIX - Allow entries to be deleted from running order on attached clients

FIX - Remove default destination tablet label to prevent it being seen on start up

FIX - Retrieve audio router IO's in router order

FIX - Web manager destination layout destinations page erors when audio router is set to none and attempting to edit

FIX - Web manager audio router page - place confirmation message on Auto-Populate

FIX - Web manager - allow sorting of audio router IOs

FIX - Web manager - remove regular expression validator that was preventing the users entering alphanumeric characters and replaced it with a required field validator

FIX - Web manager - allow router connection parameter changes to be made on web manager screen and for AutoPopulate IO's to work with the new params