Thursday 3 November 2011


NEW - Add an option to force each call log item to be only single row height

NEW - Client updater service includes a startup action to set full access to PB3 application data folder, which won't cause a crash should it fail for any reason

NEW - Override dockable bar mode to be large devices when lines 1 mode is set to presenter queue

FIX - Add better SQL failure message when connecting to calls or config database

FIX - Fix connect/retry loop and test for Zephyr codec type

FIX – Re-enable the encoder blobs for supported codec

FIX - Fix dialling issue with codecs other than Zephyr and Vx

FIX - Correctly handle '&' in Line labels

FIX - Extra logging for line layout offset, to help with Vx VOIP handset diagnosis

FIX - Prevent double connection to Audionics GPI unit

FIX - Add logic to use correct command protocol for 32-way unit keep-alive messaging

FIX - Reject all input change broadcast messages received within 1 second of reconnection

FIX - Log when any GPI events are received/rejected due to being received within debounce time

FIX - Prevent status change on first connect to codec

FIX - Audio server being passed invalid phonecall record ID