Wednesday 30 November 2011


NEW -allow single-click dialing for a device held by "Outgoing Call" type in running order

FIX - memory leak when connecting/disconnecting PB3 clients

FIX - when auto dial is not selected, the device for the call box should still be enabled

FIX - set client device to be conference colour if more than one call on device

FIX - ensure audio server devices show correctly as available / not available

FIX - add table purging routing to replication sync process (30 days)

FIX - refresh state of lines regardless of control state to set required internal fields, to prevent # appearing in lines with 'No Control' set.

FIX - 'add' menu showing in the wrong place from call log dock

FIX - add password mode to input box form (display password chars) used in global layout saves

FIX - wait and loop before starting Audio Server if no database connection can be made