Monday 13 February 2012


NEW - Add an option to place a delay between call changed messages to resolve Logger/Server message issues with conferencing affecting IPO version.
In server.ini, set [options]>ccmsgdelay=10. Units are milliseconds and the default would be 0 if left out.

NEW - Add SIP VOIP call recordings to recordings management in client

NEW - Add client call recording purging (anything older than 2 hours will be removed every minute)

FIX - Web manager > when editing the system setting the Voip handset type always shows OhPhone even though its set to SIP in the DB.

FIX - Refactoring to improve state handling of VisualCodec

FIX - Lines2 queue mode not working correctly

FIX - Clear device conferences when calls are unparked out of conference using EConference

FIX - Inbound answered codec call not assigned a conversation number

FIX - IPO call parking sometimes parks to incorrect park group

FIX - Trap error message in incoming server message command queue processor on client shutdown

FIX - Prevent reservation back colour changing during call handling

FIX - Changes to codec routes which affect other client codecs don't update the codec observers (i.e. destinations) so outgoing calls will still show active on the previously active destination

FIX - Codec device colour state changes

FIX - Codec idle text randomly missing