Tuesday 20 March 2012


NEW - Add command line argument for buddy IP override. New command line would be /MASTER=x.x.x.x to override ini file buddy IP. This allows multiple shortcuts for buddying different masters.

FIX - Make line close toolbar items finger-friendly on main & mini mode, i.e. add images.

FIX - Improve startup screen display for buddies & master. Only show splash at startup, not empty MDI - then show main form cleanly, already populated - without flicker - once ready and dispose the splash immediately after.

FIX - Fix problem loading buddy when no handsets were present.

FIX - Location lookup needs to be based on US state only.

FIX - Save last known 'isLite' setting in INI file to allow correct splash screen to be shown on startup.

FIX - Fix Solo toolstrip product image being squashed.

FIX - Show new device icons in mini-mode with improved visibility.

FIX - Add new background image files for use in splash screen in Lite mode.

FIX - Use locked Call state icon instead of 'L' overlayed with graphic.

FIX - XScreen starts up with RED toolbar and changes to blue.

FIX - HTML dock option should be visible but greyed out in dock windows menu in LITE mode.

FIX - Display but disable web dock menu option in Lite mode.

FIX - Ensure licensing max lines is used. Restrict Lite to only 12 lines regardless of license value.

FIX - Implement dynamic layout changes (widths of sections) based on number of lines and primary display aspect ratio/screen resolution.

FIX - License dialog shows in a greyed out state after attempting to launch app after requesting license but before confirming it.

FIX - Start app maximized, without flicker or gap between splash and main.

FIX - Update iQ firmware warning message to say 1.6.7 required.