Tuesday 11 December 2012


NEW - Include ringing tone on PB SIP Voip devices (SIP)

NEW - Allow SDP passthrough when unparking a call to a handset (SIP)

NEW - Framework change to allow level metering (IPO)

NEW - Add line comments for Vx (Vx)

NEW - Allow copying of config from Primary to Secondary server

NEW - Add Prima codec directory and dialing defaults for Prima codecs

NEW - Allow Prima speed dial when already on a call

NEW - Add phone number place holders to winner letter in prize manager

FIX - Process ACK message to handle change of codec or change of audio port (SIP)

FIX - Allow buffer values to be specified for Livewire MOH (SIP)

FIX - Show call detail information on Prima codecs

FIX - Correct drawing of directory can call log dropdown lists

FIX - Various NV9000 fixes and optimsations

FIX - Service extension not saving in Web Manager

FIX - Data mining issues

FIX - Do not refresh audio router entries that are used as a reverse route

FIX - Show topics on data mining if user has restricted access to show list