Saturday 9 February 2013


NEW - Improvements to 'most followed' load logic.

NEW - Profanity filter works on 'whole word' basis (Regex with word boundary).  Use system setting "FILTER_KEYWORDS" with a pipe-delimited set of words or expressions.

NEW - Twitter 'verified' accounts now being identified.

NEW - Pop3 and EWS retrieval / ingest added.

NEW - Add proxy server support.  Use system setting "PROXY_ADDRESS"..

FIX - Admin utility, lists and selection/available boxes contain sorted content.

FIX - Previous contact counts not working.

FIX - Identity processor not fulfilling many Facebook ad-hoc requests.

FIX - Startup query for main message feed taking too long.

FIX - Startup insert statements bundled up into bulk inserts for performance.

FIX - Various logging and other minor bugfixes.