Tuesday 25 June 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Dynamic choosing of devices and codecs within in flight session (routing control specifc)

NEW - Routing control with auto-hybrid allocation (routing control specifc)

NEW - Pause function added to message log - it will pause as you start to use the list then release the pause after a few seconds of inactivity.

NEW - Click the title bar of message log to scroll to top.

NEW - Auto scroll to top after 2 mins of idle time to the MessageLog.

NEW - Inertia scrolling with the mouse and touch screen now use the same logic as the pause feature - more inertia is given to lists when using mouse.

NEW - Font sizes in message log items are bigger (expanded view only)

NEW - Removed the name link from message log items.

NEW - Performance improvements with removal of switch converters.

NEW - Remove the delay in the initial population of the MessageLog so it appears instantly.

NEW - Side outs on lines/devices will now slide back when you click again

NEW - Add logging for graphics hardware acceleration

FIX - Device clipping issue (when there are 4 and when size changed).

FIX - Line shadow clipping issue.

FIX - Slow scroll speed of lists with mouse wheel.

FIX - Windows 8 will no longer take over list control with touch screens.

FIX - Message log correctly resets it's position to the top when switching lists.

FIX - Size of popout items when there are child entries, they will now auto size to the text.

FIX - Popout items will no longer have overlapping lines of text.

FIX - Popout items in the message log will now correctly close when clicking anywhere instead of just the message text.

FIX - MessageLog will no longer be scrolled down a little when starting the client.

FIX - Message routing crash

FIX - Line on air indication remains pulsing after fader is closed

FIX - When there are > 4 devices, device objects go under the device header until maximized

FIX - Destination layout uses name from router, not label specified in destination layout (routing control specifc)

FIX - Sources icon appearing wrong (routing control specifc)

FIX - Destination fader open display not working (routing control specifc)

FIX - On air queue not working properly on routing (routing control specifc)

FIX - 1st destination should be selected by default (routing control specifc)