Thursday 27 June 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Call log / call model daily removal of items (leaves 4 hours of previous day)

NEW - MiniMode devices should show the handset as well as the tbu's

NEW - Change mini mode view to have 4 devices, handset device + first 3 non-handset devices

NEW - Hook up device layout chat font size so we can vary chat font size

FIX - Large letters displayed while editng live codec call

FIX - Remove the 'D' character from the icon in destinations and just retain the number

FIX - Default gender should  be not set

FIX - Can't dial from second level of details in mini mode

FIX - Bring last 5 form in line with the other popups visually

FIX - Recurrence of memory leak since build .189

FIX - Source add button should only be visible when source tab selected (routing control view only)

FIX - Can no longer select message children and add them to on air queue