Tuesday 9 July 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Improvements to codec dial boxes

NEW - Add ability to call back codec call from call log

NEW - Display reverse route name on codec (routing control view)

NEW - Make sources scrollable in the normal way (routing control view)

NEW - Destination display of non local source (routing control view)

FIX - Fatal log file only contains the last entry

FIX - Crash when using chat in docked mode

FIX - Crash when clicking call details on codec with inbound call

FIX - Codecs should not be moving up and down with fader open (routing control view)

FIX - Destination fader open display not working (routing control view)

FIX - Crash when using lock on destination (routing control view)

FIX - When routing a codec to a destination with a live call, the call is not parked (routing control view)

FIX - Destination fader state not correctly displayed after client restart (routing control view)

NB. The routing control changes will require > v3.3.0.364 PB3 server