Monday 23 September 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Download local audio server audio directly rather than going via server

NEW- Various directory improvements (display, formatting, filtering, deletion confirmation)

NEW - Advanced COMREX codec information display

NEW - Add commotion integration with publish option

NEW - New logging added to record the number of calls, identities and messages (models)

FIX - Service display name not used on inbound ringing call (routing control view)

FIX - Updating call details notes & dispositions not updating active lines

FIX - Line colours in routing control are not correct

FIX - Devices showing two copies of call info

FIX - Standard presenter view showing '0' on devices

FIX - Client now informs user when no device layouts are found

FIX - Last audio clip not being shown in call log recordings drop down

FIX - Various items not updating in the call log

FIX - Memory growth problem with analytics, line view models, route destinations and other view objects

FIX - Routing presenter view does not unroute TBU when call drops

FIX - Client crash when using codec dial button repeatedly

FIX - Call log retrieval async to avoid locking UI

FIX - Add spinner + loading text to image loading

FIX - Unavailable device display issues

FIX - Various error handling and CTD protection fixes