Monday 4 November 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

FIX - When using a local audio server if the audio directory does not exists PB4 errors

FIX - Codecs not appearing in regular / solo view

FIX - Call counters not working

FIX - Dial Dialogue fails to appear in some situations

FIX - CallBack not working as expected

FIX - Move date filter label on call log date filtered view

FIX - Call with no name should not have callers number in the call details name box

FIX - Various issues with setting up conferences

FIX - Taking calls out of conference and unparking back into IPO conference causes loss of call control

FIX - Clicks not being accepted by UI occasionally

FIX - Null reference exception with certain lists

Routing Control fixes

FIX - fader open source routed to destination can be routed to another destination

FIX - Call routed to fader open destination can be dropped

FIX - Cant choose codec to call back on from call log

FIX - Optional codecs not adding on startup when routed

FIX - Destination call details missing after view change

FIX - Destination fader state not correctly displayed on client startup

FIX - Prevent routing to an open but unrouted destination

FIX - Issues with auto-allocation of hybrids

FIX - Allow routing control of an unavailable device / codec