Thursday 12 December 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Add smart mode for geo twitter search with map control

NEW - Drag drop re-ordering for on-air queue

NEW - Screened calls handling + screened toggle added to handset slideout

NEW - Backfeed control in routing view

NEW - Client will connect to OASIS failover if defined.  Reconnect time = 5s, if secondary defined, connection target will toggle.

NEW - Randomize TBU selection in routing control mode

NEW - Add log entry for skin change

NEW - Routing presenter view now shows connection state of codecs on destinations

NEW - Answer logic changed to make set route only happen if call is answered within 3 seconds

NEW - Sources list now scrollable on cleanfeed popup

NEW - Add spinners to various operations around the application

FIX - Destinations missing from routing presenter view

FIX - Empty popups appearing in top-left of screen

FIX - Issues with clicking # items on most mentioned screen

FIX - Closing messages can now happen by clicking on any area, not just text area

FIX - Service control was allowed even on "display only" or "no control" services

FIX - Call log items not updating on call log

FIX - Unanswered calls showing as answered in the call log

FIX - Deselect active destination on unpark in routing control view

FIX - Callback and answer button setting route without connecting calls in some situations

FIX - Error in downloaded audio folder creation

FIX - Regular presenter view not showing name, location, disposition icon and point on devices

FIX - Quickly pressing toolbar buttons causes the button to turn on but action not carried out

FIX - Fix for disposition heigh on screen with few (tall) lines

FIX - Various crash situations

FIX - Routing presenter view timers issue

FIX - Read only TBU's no longer able to be marked as acive

FIX - Destination 'drop route' button removal for fader open was linked to the source's on air state, not destination

FIX - Routing still allowed after route is made, even though selection has been cleared

FIX - Previous call not parked when switching calls in routing mode

FIX - Route call to destination which already contains call does not route new TBU

FIX - VOIP soundcard list not ordered

FIX - Optimise activity when adding optional codec in routing control view