Monday 10 February 2014


FIX - Various SIP server reliability issues:
  • Prevent two clients answering or unparking a call at exactly the same time and causing a call to drop
  • Increase number of available RTP ports
  • Better support for early media
  • Proper support for PRACK and UPDATE methods
  • Better clean-up for completed SIP transactions
  • Change SIP invitation sequence for outbound calls
  • Ensure non-AS device hangups also hang up the SIP provider leg of the call
  • Only start ringing tone when media is not early
  • Avoid RTP overlaps during unpark situations (hold music RTP vs. regular RTP)
  • Various crash prevention fixes
  • Drop any call on non-AS devices when registration expires
  • Various issues with the SIP softphone devices
  • Amend default available SIP softphones to 20
  • Better logging