Sunday 16 February 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - New views added 
  • Social Producer (for OASIS only)
  • Routing control docked view
NEW - Call recording control (requires version or higher of PB3 server)

NEW - Facebook media viewer added, supporting playing of AudioBoo, Soundcloud, Youtube and other web media posts

NEW - 'Clear all' function added to on air queue

NEW - Add feature to optionally add on air items to top rather than bottom (web manager controlled)

NEW - Publish queues

NEW - Mirage integration

NEW - Randomize TBU selection in routing control mode

BUG - 'More' button disappearing after message popped / unpopped

BUG - VoIP handset not shown unless there is another device

BUG - Unable to drag between devices

BUG - Call details popping up at the wrong times

BUG - Popups not working for tool bar functions and sub-popups (Lines Control, Answer Control, Call Counters)

BUG - Prevent softphone ringing tone when early media is present

BUG - Canoot stop audio/video playback after preview of media items from FB posts

BUG - Drag/drop icon graphic not always present

BUG - Various SIP softphone issues

BUG - Paperclip visual and behavioural issues with On Air items

BUG - UI thread locking on certain Prize Management related comms calls

BUG - Disappearing analytics pie chart