Friday 14 March 2014


NEW - Re-write server primary / backup code.  This is now driven entirely from the PRIMARYSERVER and BACKUPSERVER fields in the "System" table.  The "monitorserver" ini file entry is now redundant.  The Primary will remain primary after a failover, so if it comes back up the secondary will take itself down to allow the primary to resume it's role as 'Primary'.

NEW - Sync on air queue items to primary server before taking secondary to sleep (self-restarting it)

NEW - Set service to restart automatically on fail in recovery options in installer (to assist in the self-restart of the BACKUP server)

FIX - DeviceLayoutGroup table was not being included in config sync

FIX - Optimize comrex encoder status messaging

FIX - Route dropping logic when TBU calls are dropped

FIX - PB3 client installers were not adding the client updater server