Thursday 24 April 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Significant UI performance/experience improvements, particularly to message selection, the on air queue, load times for routing view objects and view switching.

NEW - Classic presenter / producer views added.

NEW - Analytics live page has been significantly improved.

NEW - Message sentiment analytics page added with now playing information for Wide Orbit / OASIS systems.

NEW - Call transfer feature added.

NEW - Analytic pages are now touch scrollable.

NEW - Show based directories are now available.

NEW - Add delay indicator to COMREX codec and improve UI.

NEW - Creation of directory entries from call log items.

NEW - Change ringing line visual to blue / yellow.

FIX - Clock now responds to time change events and remains accurate to the system clock.

FIX - Touch issues with routing view behaviour on sources list.

FIX - Various issues with codec directory management screen.

FIX - Skin browser window looks more consistent with other windows.

FIX - Popped call details not reflecting newly taken incoming / answered call details or call state colour reliably.

FIX - Message is now shown when maximum number of clients allowed is exceeeded.

FIX - Warning popup if no devices available in the random pool for destination routing.

FIX - Mp4 Facebook videos now play in popup rather than kicking off a download.

FIX - Glensound codec dial exception.

FIX - Bug selecting items from analytics most mentioned list.

FIX - Call not parked when replaced on destination by another call or source.

FIX - Popup images not showing.

FIX - Cannot set forwarding for lines.

FIX - Screened calls only checkbox not showing correct startup value in lines control popup.

FIX - Newly added topics not shown in call filters topics list.