Sunday 6 July 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

*** IMPORTANT - this update requires version of PB3 server ***

NEW - Dynamic resizing of lines with appropriate line slideout commands being made available

NEW - Add social media fields to call details

NEW - Use message editing form for manual notes and allow straight-to-on-air option

NEW - Popup to indicate destination is busy on SIP dial

NEW - Link 'destination number' to numeric value displayed on destination

FIX - Performance improvments:
 - UI update rationalisation
 - Line updates causing UI updates for all lines, not just affected line
 - Stickiness when typing in call details with line activity

FIX - Crash bug on clearing filter

FIX - Disable call back for a withheld or blank number

FIX - Show title not displayed if display name is blank in config

FIX - Make tag list distinct

FIX - Previously live phonecalls not showing location when unpopped

FIX - Lines appearing the wrong colour in routing mode when taking calls

FIX - Sort not working properly on call log

FIX - Call routed to an open fader can be hungup or parked

FIX - Make sure DTMF / regular dial pad show at correct times

FIX - When starting a client with a faded up destination, hang up should not work

FIX - Missing slideout buttons on client starting with active lines

FIX - Make options display correctly in message filter list

FIX - On air queue message viewer wont scroll

FIX - Repeated click behaviour made consistent with PB3

FIX - Prevent addition of messages to on air queue when already there

FIX - Make hangup menu available for call dialling state lines