Monday 28 July 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Add image to on air preview / reading panes

NEW - Codecs now display phone number if name is blank

NEW - Mayah implementation now indicates live audio & codec directory support

NEW - ProntoNet encoding settings changes

NEW - Add drag drop from handset to and from on air queue

FIX - On air queue item profile pics disappearing after preview

FIX - Active calls which are on air cannot be held

FIX - Issues with Facwebook replies/comments to original

FIX - Calls in on air queue marked as callback do not change colour

FIX - On air queue message edit loses original message text

FIX - Codec slideout menu fails to auto-close in certain circumstances

FIX - On air button should not appear on message edit screen

FIX - Add manual note to on air using mic button causes dupe message to appear

FIX - Answer mode problems with touch screen