Friday 10 October 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

FIX - Various handset and drag drop fixes
  > need to be able to drag a ringing call to the handset (you already can to a device)
  > check drag from a device to a handset... this should work

FIX - Various Facebook message improvements
  > Updated messages with new messages now appear in the log at time position (latest comment time or original message time, whichever is most recent)
  > Parent record will become unread when new comment arrives
  > If parent is read, all children will be marked as read
  > When new comments arrive, parent will be marked unread along with just the new comments
  > Comments are now ordered correctly by date (descending)
  > Trying to scroll the popped message with replies was causing a drag drop operation
  > The read state of messages not persisting between client restarts or list re-loads

FIX - Various fixes to the image editor
  > Image scaling now works
  > Correct image is now being sent to status post
  > Facebook / Twitter scaling now works

FIX - Various on air printing issues
  > Page title added to match header title of HTML
  > IE8 issues with print preview fixed

FIX - Various routing control view fixes
  > Ejection of optional codecs causes an erroneous route to be made in routing control views
  > Destination text colour should follow line text colour when routed
  > Destination text not cleared when call drops on codec that is routed to it
  >  Erroneous route made on answer call

FIX - Various telephony control fixes
  > Outbound ringing calls can show as inbound ringing on other clients - and not grey when appropriate
  > Issues with opening / closing lines
  > Allow hanging up of calls ringing on devices you do not have control over
  > Hangup button required for calls in dialling state
  > Rationalise service control messaging between client and server
  > Handset-only device layouts unable to hang up held calls
  > Unparking to a device with active calls sending two park commands
  > Answer and dial can fail when handset is in an 'off hook' state

FIX - Pause function was not working with wheel and scroll message log operations

FIX - Various issues with hanging and performance in the ready lines area of the classic view

FIX - Odd number of lines results in incorrect layout

FIX - Font on presenter reading pane wrong
FIX - Remove spaces from numbers dialled on codecs

FIX - Lines control tab going into an update loop when anything changes on there

FIX - Improvements to the smart queue in music mode, both visually and in terms of reliability

FIX - Accounts list not always reaching client in time for the accounts filter to actually display them properly

FIX - Only keep last 6 hours of calls in the non-filtered call log and fix various issues with removing items older than this range

FIX - Various memory leak points

FIX - Limit changes to name and location fields to the maximum length allowed by the database

FIX - Expand the minutely CPU usage meter to log more useful information

FIX - Call log items not showing the main icon properly

FIX - Issues with codec selector when dialling from the directory

FIX - Edited messages not reflecting in clients consistently

FIX - Most liked / followed analytics not showing always on startup

FIX - Client incorrectly requesting image data for SMS messages

FIX - Calls with call recordings appearing twice in the call log when clients start

FIX - Recording icon had disappeared from the call log

FIX - Popout positioning issues when clients running at 125% font size

FIX - Show activation button for publish queues was not working

FIX - Respond / retweet button was not working

FIX - Virtual directory control added

FIX - Various crash bugs