Tuesday 25 November 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Create 'Classic Three Column' view with taller devices containing the point field

NEW - Recategorise view names to make them more consistent

NEW - Add 'Mark all as read' feature on message log

NEW - Show device name on calls which are controlled on devices which are not in the current device layout

FIX - Call point updates in call details is causing slowness

FIX - Device text flickers as point is updated in call details

FIX - Grey line during state changes transition 

FIX - Editing the point in the handset area has cursor / wrapping issues

FIX - Mini mode visual tweaks

FIX - Too many buttons showing on smaller line views

FIX - Message read state fix

FIX - Show new lines correctly in OAQ print

FIX - Phone number has disappeared from call log unpopped view

FIX - Click-through on skin picker

FIX - Memory leak on view change

FIX - On air messages always show unread icon area colour

FIX - Call log errors for situations where > 1 call exists for the same hour/minute/second