Wednesday 10 December 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Add ability to filter 'unanswered' calls in the call log

NEW - Display MMS attachments (as SMS with paperclips) - requires v1.0.578 of OASIS

NEW - Add button to the dial pad to present the last 10 unanswered (and not called-back) numbers

NEW - Allow deletion of chat items 

NEW - Show outbound calls as ringing out when state is reported by server (IP500 only) as idle but device end shows ringing out (can happen with IP500 SIP trunks in certain conditions)

FIX - Unable to open attachments from child messages

FIX - Disposition icon on line goes solid white and over timers in some resize circumstances

FIX - Device and OAQ text colour of active call should follow the line colour

FIX - Call log is blank after view change until filter is toggled

FIX - Read button on the on air preview area of the "presenter" view causes pop-up reading pane to appear

FIX - Fix "line occupied elsewhere" logic (grey lines) for VX version

FIX - Multiple instances of the line details are appearing on conferences

FIX - Client memory leak

FIX - Calling back a caller from the call log via the OAQ causes call to be removed from the OAQ

FIX - Calling back a callback call which is in the OAQ causes calls to disappear from OAQ

FIX - Replies/comments to FB comments are not in chronological order

FIX - Padlock issue on active on-air line

FIX - Dragging in message comments section causes the list to jump

FIX - Fix the new 3 column classic view to not disable lines when they are active and in OAQ

FIX - Make OAQ non active calls use white text, not black (black on grey is unreadable)

FIX - 'HasDevice' Exception causing slowness at times

FIX - Call recording exception when calls drop

FIX - Add Reconnection loop for Virtual Director