Wednesday 11 March 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Prevent non-screened lines from being controllable in filtered view

NEW - "Screened calls only" mode remembers between client sessions

NEW - Add an indication of screened state to lines in non-screened filter view

NEW - Small and medium line views now fit more point lines in

NEW - Performance of free text entry on filter of call log improved

NEW - Right-to-left text languages now supported and displayed properly

NEW - Improve resolution of facebook photo images in popped view

FIX - Issues with handsets, lines and regular call details panels sync

FIX - Question answer changes not being saved when editing offline (call log) calls

FIX - Message reply read-state not updating correctly in certain situations

FIX - Delays when adding note text to alerts

FIX - Delays when popping messages with lots of long replies

FIX - Call on destination not parked when new call answered (routing)

FIX - VoIP headset SIP / SDP fixes

FIX - Handset related crash bug on "lines collection"

FIX - Call recording issues with softphones and A/S2 devices

FIX - Add drag/click tolerance to call details selectors (alert, gender/age, rating)

FIX - When clicking the ok (tick) button in the calls preview carousel in the call screener view - a classic call details panel was being erroneously shown