Friday 27 March 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Line pages added (requires server v.700)

NEW - Call button added to call screener view

NEW - Lines button added to call screener toolbar

NEW - Chat entries will display in red when ending with an exclamation mark!

NEW - Show name / location / call time (or call timers for active calls) in header pane of call details area

FIX - Filter not updating when new calls arrive, or parameters changing

FIX - Filter toggling not working reliably

FIX - Call details print preview not displaying gender properly

FIX - Call details print preview not showing boolean values correctly

FIX - FATAL when switching to certain views from

FIX - Cursor disappearing during entry into call details fields

FIX - Tab order of questions wrong

FIX - Possible click-through when selecting dispositions

FIX - Ensure question answers are updated when new questions are set for calls with previous questions that are looked up within a 6 hour window

FIX - Call details updates from screener not reliably being sent or received

FIX - Questions not appearing when call log is empty

FIX - Line cleanfeed popup had no sources or destinations

FIX - Questions order incorrect on screen and print preview / first char issue