Tuesday 28 April 2015


NEW - On Air Queue printer updates without flicker

NEW - Disable On Air Queue printer by default

NEW - Add virtual director media exchange mechanism

NEW - Add support for QOR desk for EI inputs (extra optional connection parameter for web manager config)

FIX - Installer now includes Newtonsoft DLL for Virtual Director / Mirage installations

FIX - Auto-allocation routine causing server crashes

FIX - Routed TBU's that are faded up when a remote end drops call ends up in a faded up state when next allocated to an output/destination

FIX - Installer deleting INI file entry for VX provider address

FIX - Comrex encoding settings updated

FIX - Mayah codec connection issues delaying server start-up

FIX - Add 'actively answering' check to the auto allocation routine