Wednesday 20 May 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client) [STABLE RELEASE]

NEW - Change shows mechanism reworked

NEW - Page up / Page down on the call details area will iterate tabs

NEW - Check box appearance modified to be tick instead of solid block

NEW - Corner handles for popped windows from docked mode changed

FIX - Text missing from docked mode devices

FIX - Print preview not working from call log in docked modes

FIX - Lines text not appearing properly in docked mode

FIX - Slideout buttons not available on first load of existing calls in docked mode

FIX - Cursor jump issues in call details

FIX - IP500 transferred calls not ringing properly in client

FIX - Lines control tick box toggling not working on 'All' option

FIX - Ready lines view (classic presenter) shows the lines a small size initially

FIX - Client doesn't always go into restart loop when server restarts

FIX - Time filter sometimes showing lower case 't'

FIX - Calls added to call log cause scroll to top automatically

FIX - Answer by using F1 ignoring answer destination preference

FIX - Call details sliding goes to hidden tab (Questions)

FIX - Input focus work on the call details area when taking new calls, sliding call details from line

FIX - Tab order on call details 

FIX - Chat appearance in all views

FIX - Docked mode ringing indication and on air indication not appearing correctly