Monday 6 July 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - On air preview / viewers improved both in pop-up and presenter view panels

NEW - Chat window is now poppable

NEW - New dispositions added with clear disposition option

NEW - Call recording waveform will only now show when recordings are available

NEW - Idle codec text will now show white in high visibility mode

NEW - Tag editing and selection has improved on call details, tags can be created/edited/deleted from a new plus button and also a button to the side of the call log

NEW - Remove swipe to change tab in call details

FIX - Fader lock not working

FIX - Mark next on device now takes priority over is/was on air indication

FIX - Crash when using OAQ preview of internal note

FIX - Trap multiple presses of the new message dialog and prevent multiple dialogs being opened

FIX - Active call assignment issues affecting routing mode / codec call details updates

FIX - 'Shows' button missing in certain circumstances

FIX - Small bug fixes relating to log file entries

FIX - Inactive call popping doesn't always show the caller name

FIX - Avaya fixes for conf MOH, forwarded calls and active elsewhere indications