Thursday 24 September 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client) (STABLE RELEASE)

NEW - Add support for Panasonic AWHE60 in VD UI

NEW - Enable new status to multiple accounts

NEW - Add result handling mechanism for outbound status updates and posts

NEW - Enhance VD media UI to allow posts to socials and publish queues of Ooyala back-end type

NEW - Implement button inside on air queue to call SMS senders back

NEW - Implement docked devices view

NEW - Call1/Call2 buttons on directory dial + new method for dialling codec directory entries

NEW - Log WPF binding warnings

FIX - Alerts and other details not reliably updating between open call details sessions

FIX - Codec signalling and UI update optimisation

FIX - Client softphone recordings not visible in call log using manual mode

FIX - CTD on view changes under certain circumstances

FIX - Last item in OAQ in reading pane will appear as random jumble of characters

FIX - Call details contest popup improvements

FIX - Call log search could fail in certain circumstance

FIX - Call log item memory leak

FIX - Occasional CTD on mouse up operations in lists

FIX - (Re)Tweets truncated in message and OAQ reader/preview

FIX - Facebook "go to profile" not working for comments

FIX - Calling out using destination with occupied device should not be allowed

FIX - CTD when using email editor

FIX - Bitmap image source binding errors slowing client down fractionally

FIX - Problems with cursor jumping in the panel to set alert/warnings

FIX - Time picker on VD media screen incorrectly shows option for tomorrow

FIX - Call state popup blanks call state in call screener view

FIX - Old popup system meant more viewmodels being created than necessary when popping items from call log