Tuesday 1 December 2015


NEW - Detect remote hangup of calls that are in the on air queue and have not been on air and replace with an inactive call

NEW - Clearer indication in web manager that settings are specific to Prize Manager 1 where applicable

NEW - Add current schedules request mechanism for Prize Manager 2

NEW - Change presenter view names and add a new presenter view with lines for use with PB4

NEW - Inband DTMF support for A/S2 (requires v2.0.0.40 of A/S2)

FIX - On-air default state was being set for automatically added VSET devices

FIX - Data manager person details query was returning no results in some circumstances

*** For all the OAQ changes - and new view - this version should use v4.1.0.3 of the PB4 Client ***