Tuesday 1 December 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Major improvements to memory usage and performance

NEW - Improvements to on air queue visuals

NEW - Improvements to handset workflow

NEW - Virtual director media management improvements

NEW - Add preset 'unanswered' and 'flagged' filter buttons to call log.  Flagged is the new term for the "callback state" in the client.  This removes the confusion between the callback call log entry state and the callback line state which are two different things.

NEW - Add 'latest only' filter button to call log

NEW - Display conversation number (from PB3) on call log items

NEW - Remotely dropped calls which are in the OAQ but which have not been on air will be retained as inactive calls

NEW - Enable callback feature in routing mode

FIX - Unable to edit MMS messages

FIX - Handset call details field length inconsistent

FIX - Filter open state going into preset filters

FIX - Serialization errors with inactive on air queue calls

FIX - Analytics exception causing occasional signal meter failures

FIX - Call details removed from handset when calls are dropped

FIX - OAQ contents not loaded at startup in routing presenter view

*** For all the OAQ / new view changes this version should use v3.3.0.767 of PB3 Server ***