Friday 12 February 2016

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

FIX - All smart modes show the music header and often the artist buttons at the top

FIX - New Status updates not posting to correct target when > 1 account is configured and accounts are removed using the tickboxes after opening the dialog

FIX - Various Virtual director fixes
  • VD editor time format was incorrect
  • Edit camera and labels without needing to disable auto switching and forcing camera change
  • Media player - bugs with setting start and end points during playback
  • Media player - moving white marker beyond the start or end points should not move them
  • Media player - pausing playback erroneously sets start point to white marker
  • Media player - title bar timing does not update correctly
  • Media player - Playback should end at end marker!
  • Media player - white marker should reflect current play position
  • Media player - time incorrect
  • Media sharing - Issue with dynamic vector graphics preventing more than one social media icon 
  • Media sharing - all social media accounts erroneously selected by default regardless of enabled state
  • Remove blue highlight on mouse-over operations on buttons / clickable areas on lists
  • Client crashes trying to open the VD control screen when VD is unavailable
  • Editing camera labels switches to manual switching