Thursday 7 July 2016

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Update audio component to use ASv2 which will enable HD codecs on client softphone

NEW - Improvements to RTSP player used in Virtual Director environments

NEW - Enable line-based callback for PB VX (*** requires server v3.3.0.808)

NEW - Add station selector to call log filter and default to current station

NEW - If person record exists for SMS or MMS, display name rather than number (*** requires OASIS v1.1.0.115)

NEW - Periodic refresh of directory entries will occur directory is in view

NEW - Devices only docked (top) view added

NEW - Implement server selection at startup using the "alternateAddress" ini file entries, example:
            addressAlternate1=||DISPLAY NAME 1
            addressAlternate2=||DISPLAY NAME 2

FIX - Routing mode line based call back not checking if selected destination is free

FIX - Withheld on dial pad was not working

FIX - Regional settings interfering with latitude/longitude values used in smart location lookups

FIX - Answering a call with a call active on your device fails

FIX - Smart queue crashes