Monday 1 August 2016

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Add "auto" option to telephony dial pad to auto select the best codec

NEW - Add warning notes text to incoming ringing call

NEW - Add Instagram field to social media section on call details

NEW - Add Date Of Birth to call details at the bottom of the age / gender picker

NEW - When there are less then or equal to 4 lines in a view, show them in a single column, not two columns

NEW (VD) - Change RTSP media player to use UDP unicast and not TCP interleaved transport mechanism

FIX - CTD when entering artist name into smart identity

FIX - Fix instability with RTSP client and player

FIX - Prevent client showing links from other virtual directors (not the one selected for the device layout)

FIX - Question answers not being saved when call is on a handset

FIX - Screened tick gets out of sync or can't be set at all in some situations when call details is unpopped and repopped