Wednesday 21 September 2016

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

*** Requires v3.3.0.834 or higher of PB3 server ***

NEW - ASv2 recordings are now retrieved directoy from ASv2 (requires AS2 version or higher)

NEW - Replace VD media player (requires VD release version or higher)

NEW - Docked devices view (bottom) added

NEW - Add Codec-only view

NEW - Enhancements to on air presenter view to link on air selection to preview

FIX - Directory name text truncated on UI

FIX - Presenter on air view 'read' button on preview panel causes another viewer to pop up

FIX - Calls not showing at all in on air presenter reading pane

FIX - Regional settings interfere with format of Lat/Long used in smart location search

FIX - Memory leak relating to service groups when directory page is open

FIX - Handset recordings not working when "callrecordingsfolder" ini file is not present