Thursday 1 September 2016

Virtual Director [STABLE]

 *** REQUIRES VERSION of PhoneBox 4 (Client) ***
 *** REQUIRES VERSION of  PhoneBox 3 (Server) ***

Raise .NET Requirement  to 4.5.2

New - Virtual Director will stream to a valid RTMP server endpoint configured in the web manager.
(YouTube, Facebook live & Periscope tested)

New - RTSP Playback mechanism replaced with straight http video playback via web manager.

Web manager :-

New - Camera scoring and audio levels displayed in Web Manager.

Fix -  Remove service start/stop button and replace with on/off line indicator.

Fix - VD web manager incorrectly sets GPIO event type as on-air regardless of what is selected.

Fix -  Default switcher input when adding camera in Web Manager should not be 0. This has now been changed to buttons reflecting switcher inputs available.

Fix - Default API port is 9090 instead of 22215.

Fix - VD web manager HostName fields in API and Switcher tabs labelled IP Address.

Fix - Label "Channel" in mic config replaced with "Port Number" when LWRP is selected and "Source Name" when LWCP.

Fix - Now handles instance names with spaces.

Fix - XAML files are written to XAML folder when relevant fetaures are enabled in web manager.

Virtual Director Service :- 

New - Virtual Director calls OASIS api to clear publish queue items.

New - Added configurable overrun to recordings. Recordings will continue for 5 seconds after off air indicator received.

New - Enable/Disable Mic GPIO event added.

New - Separate Paths for Video Recording, Playback, Posted and Archive.

Fix - XAML Graphics are now all rendered at 1080x1920  and resized at point of upload for lower res confiurations.

Fix - Purging of old videos is now done at the end of a recording on a separate thread.

Fix - Each camera switch would send the tally off command to all cameras. This is now only sent to the camera that has lost the focus where appropriate.

Fix - Camera scores are reset when off air is triggers. (Fixes occasional non switching when going on air)

Fix - Correct naming of Panasonic HE2 model cameras in config.

Fix - Media player routing established on startup.

Fix - Camera preview images retained when service restarted.

Fix - Added blank.xaml to be shown when no other graphic is available.

Fix - LWRP messages throttled to await response.

Fix - LWRP issues surrounding re-connection loops.

Fix - LWRP keep alive and watchdog pings sent every 60 seconds.

Fix - Zero based index for PTZ commands to Panasonic cameras.

Fix- Attempt to recover video stream if BlackMagic Express takes stream away from Virtual Director.

Fix - Improved upload speed of graphics to ATEM switcher.

Client :-

Fix - Selecting a camera no longer disables autoswitching. To enable manual switching you must explicitly disable AutoSwitch.

Fix - Possible to adjust camera PTZ whilst on air. 
  1. Disable Auto Switch
  2. Select temporary shot (eg Wide)
  3. Click relevant camera toolbox icon and adjust PTZ
  4. Re-enable Auto Switch.