Wednesday 2 November 2016


NEW - Implement NextGen playout listener

NEW - REST API server added to OASIS ingest

NEW - Modica SMS call added to new OASIS ingest REST API

FIX - Installer failing with SQL duplicate key violations during fresh install when populating sentiment table

FIX - Installer wasn't working with SQL 2014

FIX - Changes to support virtual director triggered removal of items from publish queues

FIX - Exporter generating invalid URI to virtual director

FIX - Media upoload client progress not progressing beyond "Importing to OASIS..."

FIX - Posts to Soundcloud erroneously attemping to tweet audio bytes rather than the resultant soundcloud link

FIX - Posts to multiple social media accounts result in errors

FIX - Virtual Director media provider getting stuck in a loop when download errors are encountered

FIX - More measures to avoid memory growth

FIX - Zetta playout has incorrect asset type ID enumeration