Wednesday 2 November 2016

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

*** Requires version of PB3 server

NEW - Major changes to all areas of prize management

NEW - Real-time person searching and selection added to the call details area

NEW - Add devices only docked-top view

NEW - Add 3 column call details view

NEW - Show date of last prize won on incoming ringing line

NEW - Add missing video output and video filter files for VLC installation

NEW - Add contests tab to social media only view

NEW - Allow manual entry of date components on date picker control

NEW - Allow active calls to be present in the on air queue

NEW - Implement alternateAddress for OASIS connections

NEW - VD - Add buttons to move playback position to start or end markers

FIX - Remove call details button for active calls and inactive calls on on-air presenter view

FIX - Issues with handset recordings and calls which are split into multiple segments on different devices

FIX - Client freeze on recording download attempt if AS2 port not connectable

FIX - Check updates from other clients reaching the on air presenter view queue list

FIX - Recursive question/answer updates being made for active calls

FIX - Alert mode no longer defaults to private and doesn't now ignore default person alert mode in system settings

FIX - Do not attempt to park calls that are not active

FIX - Crash / fatal exception when changing view on some Windows 10 builds

FIX - Image-stealing causing disposition and alert icons to not appear on lines at all times

FIX - Viewing call details of calls marked for callback after launching the client was returning no details

FIX - Withheld button on dialling pad now works properly

FIX - VD - Change links and media requests to be more efficient and prevent client hangs

FIX - VD links are not in order and occasionally repeated

FIX - VD - Solve twitter length issue not including URL characters on VD media posting

FIX - VD - Invalid media share parameters hides share button

FIX - VD - slow loading of media when switching dates