Wednesday 1 February 2017

PhoneBOX 4 (Client) (STABLE)

NEW - Person search rework, the search is now always in search mode, is grey in colour and fields which have been modified in the call details panel will be merged in with any selected search result.  Max 20 results will be displayed in descending order of points scoring.  Contact support for full specification document.

VD Control enhancements:
      NEW - Add in/out buttons for VD media player
      NEW - Reduce the numbers of windows you need to close when finishing sharing videos
      NEW - Add short keys to VD media player
      FIX - Change VD camera caption labels

FIX - Secret button on dial pad not working

FIX - Search screen sizing issues when main window reduces in size

FIX - Flagged status not sticking on handset calls in call details

FIX - Dial pad display issues

FIX - Smart popup improvements

FIX - Gender not displaying in call log unless rating had been set

FIX - Call log items in search screen were not popping properly in call screener view

FIX - Cursor jumping in call screener view point when remote hangup of call occurs

FIX - Recording indicator missing from call screener handset device

FIX - Call rating not showing up when set to 1 and not disappearing when set to "none"

FIX - CTD when loading contests / liners tab in certain situations

FIX - Popup window position wrong when on the right side on certain display configurations