Friday 3 February 2017

PrizeManager 2 -

New - Schedule calendar for both liners and contests have changed so that the calendar drives the available contest / liners. Work flow was originally driven by contests, so select contest and calendar loads for that contest and cannot be changed beyond the contest. Now as you change the calendar date it will show the available contests, sticking with the last selected if it is still available in the updated view.

New - Ability to reassign a prizes contest.

New - Ability to retract a winner if you are a producer or station manager.

New - Ability to reduce prize stock.

Fix - User role security has been tightened

User roles access
Admin - everything
StationManager - everything for the specified station
Producer - station manager minus user creation, create and edit letters, un-assign winners, create and edit contests, prizes and liners
Presenter - dispatcher + winner assignment
Dispatcher - viewer + write access to send prizes
Viewer - read only access everywhere

Fix - Prize list - Allocated total now doesn't include winners

New - Schedule page width now expands up to 1920 pixels, allowing more contests and liners to be visible Included in PB installer