Tuesday 23 May 2017

PhoneBOX 4 (Client) (STABLE)

NEW - add new devices only (vertical) view and rename existing based on orientation

FIX - point text truncated in devices only views

FIX - non ASCII character display issue in VD carousel

FIX - full screen view going under taskvar in Win10

FIX - display of SMS with blank name lookup prevents number being displayed

FIX - call point sticks and fails to update when answering new call in screener handset views

FIX - reading pane truncated in 4:3 views

FIX - CTD when using number selector

FIX - constrain height/width of point popup

FIX - add point popup to call log items (unpopped) and lines

FIX - add web manager hookup for point bubble visibiliy (the "ALL TOOLTIPS" setting in Machine config)

FIX - call details on handsets should update to outbound ringing call

FIX - gender icon colour inverted

FIX - point text from previous call left over in call details when taking new calls