Monday 3 July 2017


Changes since: OASIS

NEW - Implement Periscope Live API
NEW - Extend Oasis Server REST API to support Sending outbound social media messages.
NEW - Revamp FB token refresh
NEW - Implement DaVinci SMS Ingest provider
NEW - Implement LinkMobility SMS API
NEW - Add live stream start/stop requests for VD
NEW - Prize Draws
NEW - Enable Now Playing notifications via REST API
NEW - Outbound messages are persisted in DB
NEW - Add Facebook Live Stream request mechanism
NEW - Add COUNTRY_CODE_REPLACEMENT setting to OASIS sms number transformation
NEW - Upgrade Facebook Api calls to version 2.8
NEW - Ensure all FB requests specify required fields
NEW - YouTube account tries to post empty OnBehalfOf parameters.
NEW - Add social media type to account lists in admin tool
NEW - Extra messaging in Live Stream manager
NEW - Add IsReadOnly & IsActive to Accounts api response
NEW - Add new delimiters to nowplaying - artists

FIX - YouTube  does not use proxy
FIX - SMS person empty guid fix
FIX - Swear filter not working with SMS
FIX - Periscope streaming api client does not use proxy.
FIX - YouTube  does not use proxy
FIX - Zetta Playout Issues at Q-Radio
FIX - Prizedraw ini setting
FIX - Facebook Livestream does not shut down on error.
FIX - Trap fatal when startup twitter request fails if twitter cant be reached.
FIX - YouTube Account Validation Error
FIX - Oasis Ingest fatal on startup - FB account with no tokens
FIX - Oasis server status api selects the wrong image when posting a status through the api
FIX - Config GUI unable to show un-configured play out type leading to miss configuration
FIX - Wide Orbit Playout does not show an empty now playing stack position if the now playing item is not a song
FIX - UTF-8 stripped from Now Playing - Master Control and maybe others.
FIX - Accented Characters found in the names causing the API twitter to respond with Unauthorised
FIX - FQL is still used by Oasis in places but is no longer supported by FB
FIX - Now Playing Master Control concatenate multiple artists using feat. delimeter. Remove dependency on sequenceNumber tag in XML