Wednesday 13 September 2017


Changes since: SkypeTX

NEW - Changes for screening calls on remote audio devices
NEW - Change to reflect PhoneBOX Rest API port change
NEW - Subscribe to refresh token updates and raise an event from the SkypeAccountBionics object back to consumers

FIX - Remove overly verbose log entry re samples not being available during periods when null device guid (no call) is selected
FIX - Remove verbose log entry from last build
FIX - Skype TX crashing when too many samples released to pipeline from audio source
FIX - On machine restart, LW audio driver returns no audio or channel not exchanging audio properly
FIX - Putting skype calls on hold doesn't switch to the hold device guid
FIX - Audio source samples available event being double-unhooked on handset calls causing no-audio issues
FIX - When channels are stopped, channel reg directory is left in a state where channel cannot be started
FIX - Re-create the msa folder if necessary
FIX - Change MainWindow title bar to be Skype TX for Radio
FIX - Skype remote device relay binding ip endpoint for first local ip - should bind the any ip
FIX - Upon reconnect skype channel bionics object is getting hooked to receive property updates from the underlying skype channel twice, causing lines to be added twice to devices in phonebox.
FIX - STXC memory leak when a channel restarts while still having remote device ids
FIX - SkypeTxControl not raising ConnectionStateChanged after first connection.