Tuesday 21 November 2017


Changes since: OASIS

NEW - Rationalise and fix logic in DaVinci / Fonix SMS readers
NEW - Instagram feed ingest and display
NEW - Add ability to edit blocked message senders
NEW - Add web socket publish queue system
NEW - Add the ability to publish external messages via OASIS
NEW - Installer needs to cache MSI locally to allow repair
NEW - Implement new SMS ingest provider Fonix
NEW - Include Instagram in the smart lookup mechanism
NEW - Add config, ingest and message processing for 'Voice' type
NEW - Allow dynamic creation of publish queues from VD via Rest API
NEW - Add comms to maintain scheduled posts in the client

FIX - Davinci SMS API can prevent other SMS requests for running if a problem occurs when making the request
FIX - Otherinfo value not correct for Youtube accounts
FIX - Fonix retrieving 24h of previous message after each restart
FIX - Fonix SMS interval does not use SMS_READER_FREQUENCY
FIX - Fonix emojis not correctly displaying
FIX - Implement BionicsLists3 as default lists account in OASIS code
FIX - If Voice streaming connection breaks no reconnection happens
FIX - Editing a publish queue does not update database
FIX - Admin tool won't allow a hostname entry for a publish queue