Friday 9 February 2018

Virtual Director (STABLE)

Changes since: Virtual Director

NEW - Periodic backup and compact database.
NEW - Add blank proxy server setting to web manager during installation
NEW - Ember+ config improvements.
NEW - Connect to PB3 request ip address if ipaddress specified in request fails.
NEW - Update LiteDB to 4.1.0
NEW - Add versioning (v1) to all REST APIs
NEW - Modify API call names so they are all consistently referred to in the singular
NEW - Modify API controllers to ensure accurate Swagger documentation
NEW - PhoneBOX API port should be set to default on fresh install
NEW - Add prompt and link to restart Ember+ Connection when new trigger added.
NEW - Add Ember+ Source Restart /Reconfigure button.
NEW - Re-encode pre/post roll and cache result.
NEW - Add config for video share ffmpeg parameters

FIX - API fixes for WebManager -> Server -> Switcher Comms.
FIX - Malformed uri in switcher fails to retrieve microphone config from server.
FIX - Add index to collection Track field Artist / Title
FIX - Fix Outbound Graphic switcher uri
FIX - Auto detect video mode and resize media as appropriate.
FIX - Fix Carousel items in Director Status bug.
FIX - When starting virtual director server, set all switcher recording states to idle.
FIX - Video Recording Controller not filtering videos by date.
FIX - Only notify clients of completed videos if video is successfully processed .
FIX - Encoding task logs playback encoding format as MP3 rather than MP4.
FIX - Update OWIN Self hosting references.
FIX - When creating a copy of a studio configuration, the camera ip address is not copied.
FIX - Send PhoneBox4  disconnect message to force client to reconfigure Virtual Director switcher UI when studio configuration is changed.
FIX - Webmanager is incorrectly showing server version as
FIX - Switcher list showing incorrect Studio & Config Names.
FIX - Now Playing displaying special characters incorrectly
FIX - Audio sources with >16 sources are showing as offline
FIX - Audio / Visual page of studio setup should make it clear when the config doesn't match that currently being used
FIX - Switcher service High CPU Usage
FIX - FFMPEG command for extracting mp3 from video before sending to transcription service.
FIX - Publish Queue error when downloading avatars and attachments.
FIX - Oasis server Is Enabled checkbox always unchecked
FIX - UDP Sources List broken in web manager
FIX - Create default video asset folder if it doesn't already exist
FIX - Switcher to Server keepalive ignored.
FIX - Ember+ Node count not updated when import of nodes complete.
FIX - Virtual Director Switcher attempting to reconnect to ATEM Switcher upon shutdown.
FIX - Switcher service not shutting down cleanly.
FIX - Ember+ Mic level monitoring.
FIX - Ember + Refresh Nodes option only available if Node Count > 0. Should be as long as node import is not pending or in progress
FIX - Ember+ Source Allows duplicate identical entries
FIX - Use filename as default title when importing video asset
FIX - Ensure Audio Visual Resource Level updates only happen whilst Audio Visual tab is in focus
FIX - If 1st camera that gets sent to client has a null camera image the the client never sets Vd as connected. Do not send "labelImage" property if no image set.
FIX - Web manager should get microphone levels from switcher, not server.